What Our Clients Say
about MarketJoy

MarketJoy, Inc. was formed to combine the most effective elements of classic lead generation with modern
business operational best practices. Our goal is to become a trustworthy qualified lead generation
company for our clients which plays the pivotal role of connecting their business development teams
with target market opportunities.

Riverside Risk Advisors, LLC.

Joyce Frost, Co-Founder & Partner, Riverside Risk Advisors, LLC.

The MarketJoy team is extremely responsive. The turnaround time on requests has been impressive and the quality of the lists MarketJoy provided is outstanding. They’re able to find the right people at our target companies.


In the past we’ve used LinkedIn to find contact information, and it would take forever to find the right email address. Just getting the right email address is valuable.


We ended up landing a deal with one of the leads MarketJoy provided. The first conversation didn’t go anywhere, but later we connected with this company and because we’d already had a conversation, the whole engagement process was more efficient.


Other lead generation companies have been reaching out to us, and my response to all of them has been, “no thanks, we’re good.” I would highly recommend working with MarketJoy.

Zach Papenhausen, President & CEO, Apollo Bath.

The Onboarding process and the first month of experiences have all been great. MarketJoy’s weekly report is easy and intuitive. I like seeing the activity reports and open communication as it helps validate and verify the work being done. Also, we have opted to start with a weekly check-in call to allow for a brief review of how things are going. The call allows me to get a quick update, and then I can get back to other business activities.

Forensic Analytical Consulting Services, Inc.

Taylor Phillip, Director of Marketing, Forensic Analytical Consulting Services, Inc.

MarketJoy is a reliable and consistent outsourced email marketing team. They consistently delivered and we never worried about them going off-script from our pre-determined email templates because of the trust that they built with us. Not only did they deliver great leads to us, but they also shared the list of target contacts with us that our sales team was able to use in tandem.


After receiving leads from their team for several months, they actually helped us re-define our target customers based off of the interactions we were getting to have with these leads.


We had never used an email marketing vendor before MarketJoy, but their eagerness to work with us made us feel comfortable. Overall, I have been very impressed with MarketJoy and so has our sales team.”

Michelle Hafling, Strategic Marketing Manager, Barnes Group Inc.

I really enjoyed working with the MarketJoy team. They were very engaged and supportive, and I appreciated all of their efforts.

ORR Group

Shaby T. Rosales, Vice President, Human Resources, ORR Group

“There was a large volume. MarketJoy team has been very responsive to our requests, when we had questions, when we were saying things were not going well, when we wanted things to change, etc. They change on a dime, bring in another resource, and think about things differently.  We had a great experience working with MarketJoy!”

John W. Halsey, Vice President, Business Development, Turn-Key Health

The only negative thing I experienced when working with MarketJoy is that I did not hire them sooner. I thought I could do it better in-house but MarketJoy helped show me the value of leveraging an outsource partner. I wish I had hired them sooner!

Harland Pond, Vice President Sales, Busch LLC

MarketJoy has been a great asset to our marketing efforts. They are efficient, communicative, and have brought us great leads and resulting quotes and sales. They stay in contact and are very responsive. We are looking to expand their responsibilities and have helped us generate new business.

Kevin Brown, Co-Founder, Quicklert, Inc.

I would say I am encouraged by what we saw in the last few days, 4 good leads in roughly a week is really nice.

captevrix logo

Aaron Dyess, President, Captevrix, LLC

The MarketJoy team is very dedicated, focused and knowledgeable; working with them has been an absolute pleasure. Their refined coordination and processes led to a successful campaign which resulted in a positive ROI of over 3000%! I would recommend them with absolutely no hesitations…

alertsense logo

Lee Wells, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, KONEXUS by AlertSense

Thanks to MarketJoy’s efforts, I’m now reaching my goal of receiving 10 or more leads per month.

Jim Marks, President & CEO, WealthHub Solutions

MarketJoy has been a real game changer for our sales team. In 4 months, they delivered over 40 leads which led to several high quality prospect meetings. We expect to close multiple sales in the next month-any one of which would represent well over 10x ROI on our investment with MarketJoy. I highly recommend them for their quality, flexibility and strong results.

Daniel Cadenhead, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Viachem, Inc.

MarketJoy far exceeded our expectations! They delivered over 91 high-quality leads in the first 10 weeks of the program—much more than we ever thought possible. We highly recommend them to organizations looking for a game-changing boost to their sales pipeline.

Tim Bacon, CEO, Medicine in Practice

We operate in a very tight biopharma and healthcare niche, which presents many challenges in connecting with the right customer contacts. Despite this, MarketJoy were able to build high quality prospect lists and manage a highly productive outreach campaign that provided us with growing traction in our target customer base. We were impressed with their strategic thinking and their responsiveness as we iterated through sequential campaigns. Thank you, MarketJoy!

Jordan Hochenbaum, Co-Founder, Kadenze, Inc.

MarketJoy has allowed us to scale our outbound marketing almost immediately. Sales and marketing are never “one-size-fits-all”, and we’ve been impressed with MarketJoy’s willingness to iterate and refine our strategy. Your success is their success, and MarketJoy is a no-brainer for anyone looking to greatly accelerate their outbound marketing efforts.

Sean Cotter, President, Asset Vue

We have been extremely happy with MarketJoy’s performance over the last year. We had previously worked with several imitation services in the past and MarketJoy is not only the only company to come close to fulfilling their promise, they have exceeded their commitments. This is the kind of company we are happy to call partners.

Eric Wagner, Head of Marketing, Paypro Workforce Management

MarketJoy has been a key partner for our leadgen efforts and always goes above and beyond. As our needs have shifted they’ve been flexible and adaptable to help us generate ROI.

Steve Lynch, Director of Business Development, Macy Industries 

We are happy with the results MarketJoy delivered! I would recommend this service.

Louwki Coetsee, Managing Director, NETSURIT

MarketJoy has been a great partner to work with. They have been diligently working and mining leads for us. Nothing is ever impossible for them to do.

Jeff Lipton, SVP, Business Development, WaterSmart Software

MarketJoy has been a key partner in WaterSmart Software’s sales development efforts. They have consistently exceeded our meeting creation goals by 100% each month and have been a flexible, patient, and strategic partner. They really understand how to generate responses from prospects and have actually helped our sales development reps become more productive through adoption of MarketJoy best practices. On top of all that, the service is about as cost-effective as you could possibly hope for. We look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship with MarketJoy in the months and years ahead.

Mark A. Kaiser, President & CEO, Lindquist Machine Corporation

We experienced qualified leads, excellent data-driven metrics, and were given input into the process – all within the first 4 weeks! Very professionally administered and communicated; well worth the investment in our sales and marketing efforts.

Dixon Doll, Jr. CEO And Chairman, DBM Cloud Systems, Inc.

I partnered with MarketJoy and have been impressed with their results from month one. I would recommend MarketJoy for start-ups looking to build out their go to market channels. Their reporting and campaign management, along with their flexibility in working with us, has shown MarketJoy to be a strong partner for anyone seeking market insight and strong, sales ready, leads.

John Piatt, VP of Business Development, Biddle Consulting Group, Inc.

It has been a pleasure working in our partnership with the team at MarketJoy. They consistently have open and clear communication on potential market strategizing opportunities as well as being highly receptive to our many request/customizations. Most importantly, we continue to see a ROI that ensures our partnership will continue through the years.

Wade Olsen, Co-Founder, Treasury Suite

MarketJoy has been a great partner for Treasury Suite and has exceeded our expectations each month when it comes to lead generation, lead quality, and overall professionalism. Their process is straightforward, easy to include into our program, and generates very positive results. I highly recommend their services and their team!

Amanda Coulter, Marketing Manager, ABITEC Corporation

Working with MarketJoy has been easy and seamless for us. I am impressed that even with our very complex and technical product offering how quickly they were able to generate valuable content to engage with prospects. We received a significant amount of leads in a small timeframe, all of which fit our target audience and profile. We would definitely use MarketJoy again for our lead generation initiatives.

Scott Kuperman, Director of Sales Engineering, TeamLogic IT

As a local and regional Managed Services Provider, TeamLogic IT of Morristown utilizes several prospecting and marketing vehicles for our lead generation. MarketJoy has been an exceptional leader in this regard. They have offered us flexibility and metrics exceeding in value that have resulted in converted sales and a return on our investment. We highly commend them, and recommend them to other businesses in need of our success.

Bobby Darling, Marketing Director, ACOEM Group

Introducing a new product to the market is hard enough, trying to do that in a new market without name recognition only exacerbates that challenge. Partnering with MarketJoy has allowed us to overcome that challenge in a very short amount of time. We are very excited to continue building on that partnership.

A B2B Survey Company

They brought a professionalism to lead generation that we hadn’t seen with other companies. The leads we received from them—and the calls that we had with interested prospects—were better quality than any other marketing channel, including email and inbound web leads.

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