About Us

MarketJoy was formed to combine the most effective elements of the classic lead generation with modern business
operational best practices. Our goal is to become a trustworthy sales development company for our clients which
plays the pivotal role of connecting their business development teams with target market opportunities. We strive to stand
apart from the crowded marketplace of simple “appointment setters” by providing a high level of business learning and
know-how that results in one word–quality. Quality of outreach, quality of staff, quality of results. That is what MarketJoy
means to our customers–and what we know it will soon mean to you!

Team MarketJoy

Jay Singh

Founder & CEO

Roop Singh


Amritpal Singh


Curtis Bendt

VP of Sales Strategy

Jess Rohloff

Director of Content Strategy

Rabinder Lall

Customer Success Manager

Rajkumar Sanayaima

Customer Success Manager

Rosemin Paroo

Customer On-Boarding Manager

Stop wasting time searching for prospects

How MarketJoy Works

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    Tell Us Your Goals

    We’ll quickly design a cost-effective program specifically for your business that follows our proven prospecting technique. And in no time at all,  We’ll be generating new, qualified leads for your sales team to engage.

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    Connect with New Leads

    We’ll work with you on a weekly basis, delivering qualified leads for your sales team to engage and discussing ongoing progress, changes, fine-tuning, additions-whatever’s needed to help achieve your goals.

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    Watch Your Sales Grow

    Your MarketJoy dashboard lets you closely monitor your prospecting and sales progress. With the high-quality leads, we’ll deliver, your business will see high conversion potential which translates to increased revenue for your company.