Top Tips to Master the Sales Process

Top Tips to Master the Sales Process

We’ve all had bad experiences with salespeople, whether it’s been a pushy salesman in a car dealership or the ‘special offers’ that go nowhere with a double-glazing rep. So how can you develop a sales process that is effective without putting people off?

Be trustworthy

Be yourself! If you’re trying to be someone or something else, your potential customers will pick up on it. Talk to them about the positive benefits of your product, explain how it will help them; relate the product to the customer.

Believe in yourself

Have the confidence in yourself – know that you are a talented sales person and that the product you have is worth selling. These two things will give you the confidence to present a pitch that customers will find compelling. Keep the end goal in mind: sales to happy customers.

Know your stuff

You need to really know the benefits of the product or service that you are selling if you’re going to explain them to others. Do your homework and know the ins and outs of what you’re selling.

Respond to the customer

If you repeat the same sales pitch to every customer, it comes across as rehearsed and unnatural. Instead, talk to your customers and then relate the product or service to them directly. It will keep things fresh and interesting for you and your customers will respond to that.


Let your customers do the talking too! If you ask them open questions that encourage them to talk about why they are looking for a product, then you will be able to naturally find ways to talk about the benefits of your product or service. Not only that, but they will remember that you were respectful and courteous, not pushy and aggressive.

Show the value

Where you can, relate product value directly to money. If you can show the customer they are going to get more back from your product than they are putting in, then you are making the decision an easy one for them.

Above all, sales is about people. Refine your people skills and you’ll smooth your sales process.