Success Story: Sales and Marketing Distribution Company

A Game-Changing Boost to Their Sales Pipeline!

Proving that our approach and processes don’t just work for one type of company, our next case study looks at the work we did for Viachem, a Sales and Marketing Distribution company, where we didn’t just deliver new leads, we filled their sales pipeline for a full year!

MarketJoy’s unique outreach formula, business professionalism and pragmatic approach made all the difference for our client, Viachem.

Viachem came to us with some very particular challenges to overcome. Not only was their product brand new to the market, but they were typically facing a very long sales cycle, and were selling mainly to product managers of specialty chemical companies.

Their marketing team, business development representatives (BDR), and sales closers were also engaging prospects across several channels to get results, and this wasn’t enough.

Our client had very specific goals in mind in order to boost sales of their new product. They knew they needed to create increased awareness about their new product, to directly connect with the market to find interest in the product and to begin outreach to product managers.

MarketJoy were brought in to supplement their team’s effort and directly connect with a precisely targeted and researched the market to find interest in Viachem’s new product.

Our extensive research that aligned with our client’s goal and mission.

Our service approach offering with a primary goal of driving new leads

As usual, we took the time to thoroughly understand Viachem’s goals and research their market. We never launch any kind of program or campaign without first getting to know our clients and what they want to accomplish, though we understand that time is of the essence, and that no company wants to wait months before leads and good results start to come in.

With Viachem, we had a primary goal of driving new leads and boosting their sales pipeline, via a direct email campaign for outreach, and fine-tuning the targeting and messaging approach as we went along.

We started by reaching out to Viachem’s targeted audience with highly effective direct email marketing. We worked closely with their sales team to rapidly launch the campaign and bring in quick results, but week to week, we gradually fine-tuned the messaging and targeting approach to bring about a more focused and better outcome.

Viachem were astounded at our results and thrilled to find that MarketJoy had delivered over 91 viable, targeted leads in the first 10 weeks of the program, and much more. Not only did Viachem receive enough leads to fill their pipeline but the follow up will keep their sales team engaged for the next year.

As for our client’s reaction, we knew we had done a great job, and were extremely happy to receive a glowing testimonial, along with the promise of a close, ongoing working relationship with them in the future:

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