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Outbound Sales: Are You Making These 5 Deadly Mistakes

No matter what you do, mistakes are a part of the journey. We live in a busy world where things slip through the cracks all the times and outbound sales are no exception.

However, some mistakes are deadlier than others and repeating those mistakes can kill your business. Given below are five such outbound sales mistakes you must avoid if you want to bring in new customers.

1. You’ve Not Done Your Homework

We’ve been taught from school days that doing our homework is very important to get good grades and the same rule applies to sales too. But when it comes to selling very few salespeople do their homework.

In terms of selling, homework means:

  • Knowing who you’re targeting. Define a clear target market and narrow it down to the prospects who’ll be interested in your product and services.
  • Research the recipient’s company and understand their pain points and how your solution would help their business.
  • Look up each recipient’s social media account and leverage the data to personalize every message.

Selling is tough, but it becomes tougher if you don’t know whom you’re selling to. If you want people to buy your products or services, you need to convince them that your product is going to make them or their company better. And it’s impossible to do that unless you understand who they’re and what are the problems they’re facing.

When salespeople go the easy route (Not investing time in knowing their customers), they don’t realize that all they’re doing is creating a crappy experience for everyone.

2. You’re Not Following the 40/40/20 Rule

When it comes to selling the biggest mistake, most salespeople make is thinking that it’s a numbers game. Well, if you keep focusing on the quantity, you may close few sales, but even after putting 100% efforts you’ll get only 5 to 7% results.

Why? Because selling is not a numbers game, its value game. If you want to sell more, you need to follow the 40/40/20 rule. Which says 40% of your mailing success will depend on your list, if your list quality is good you’ll get good results. 40% of your success depends on the offer if you’re offering something of value you’ll get excellent results. And 20% of your success depends on the copy it must be well crafted and personalized (as personalized messages can increase your reply rate by 100%).

The key to selling more is not to reach more people. It’s about reaching to the right people at the right time.

3. You’re Not Following Up

One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make with outbound sales was not following up with the prospects.


Because, they assume that if somebody hasn’t responded to their messages or are not returning their calls is that they aren’t interested, but that’s far from the truth. And, I’ve stats to prove that:

75% of online buyers want to receive between 2-4 phone calls before a company gives up; 12% would like a company to try as many times as it takes to get a hold of them (source).

“According to a study by Marketing Donut, 80 percent of sales take five follow-up phone calls after the initial meeting to close. However, it was found in this study that almost half of the salespeople give up after just one follow-up. Having a persistent follow-up plan in place already puts you ahead of the curve.”

Also, according to a study from Iko System, the follow-up emails have a better chance of receiving a response than your first email.



People are super busy trying to reach them once doesn’t cut it anymore. You need to put in more work to reach them and deliver your message.

4. You’re Using the Same Sales Pitch for Everyone

Do you know as per stats on an average 5.4 people are involved in a single decision process?

If you’re sending the same messages to every prospect, you’re leaving money on the table.


People have different needs and motivators, and if your messages are not tailored according to their needs, you won’t be able to convert them.

Personalization can make or break your sales pitches, so it’s a good idea to nail it. We’ve discussed this earlier, but it’s worth mentioning again.

Tailored messages will help you close more sales and annoy fewer prospects.

5. You’re Not Adding Value

“People hate getting sold to…but they love to buy.” You must have heard this old age adage number of times, but when it comes to selling the opposite happens all the time as the salespeople keep the focus only on selling. They forget that self-serving messages only repels the prospects.

If you’re also following the same approach, you might want to think again. There’s a good chance that pushing your prospects too much and coming across as being aggressive sunk your chances of closing a deal.

As per Corporate Vision, 74% of buyers choose the sales rep that was first to add value and insight.

Every time you reach out to prospects, offer value, give them everything they needed, educate them and try to move them forward.