MarketJoy Hosts a Live Webinar with AAISP

Discover the change in purchasing decisions with reference to different personas and lead generation channels. Join MarketJoy and AAISP for their upcoming webinar online.

MarketJoy has announced a Webinar that features Larry Reeves, CEO AAISP, and Curtis Bendt, VP of customer success, Marketjoy. The guests will have a detailed discussion on the change in purchasing decisions as per the different personas and various B2B lead generation channels that used to target them. This webinar will be presented on 26th July 2018 2:00pm – 3:00pm EST/EDT.

During the webinar, marketing professionals can get online to understand the different personas that will assist in B2B prospecting with effective lead generation channels. It is important for marketing professionals to be aware of these buyer personas and their decision-making behavior. This will further enhance the company pipeline. Personas have simply become the latest approach to achieving the same objective, although it is more refined and a much more comprehensive way than all the other approaches.

It is in seen that often B2B lead gen is often lost or missed because of simple perception gaps that include mismatched priorities, misunderstood needs and failures of communication. Now, one cannot really read the buyer’s mind so, the next best thing is the buyer’s persona. Buyer Personas are intricately done research descriptions of real buyers who can influence or make decisions on the products, services or solutions that are marketed.

American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) as an international association that is all about exclusively advancing the profession of Inside Sales. With research studies, organizational benchmarking and leadership roundtables the organization understand and analyzes the trends, challenges, and key components of the growth and development of the Inside Sales industry.

Additionally, MarketJoy, hold expertise in combining effective lead generation with modern practices to ensure the product appeals to the buyers.

The two platforms from their individual areas have come together to give the insights of the changing trends in the buyer’s decision-making process. Marketing experts have a lot to look forward to with this detailed webinar that is going to cover the latest in the area of lead generation.