How MarketJoy Generated 80% MQLs for Kadenze


Kadenze, an online classroom platform for educators, artists, and engineers from leading universities offers world-class educations in arts and creative technology. Their uniquely curated programs specialize in various subjects and offer the skills to grow in the career.

The organization was looking for a specific solution to reach out to a specific target market with maximum possible qualifying leads that are aware of the business and their services.

Client’s Challenge

Kadenze does not only wanted to reach businesses but, they were specific about reaching to businesses with five or more employees. While they knew data is crucial, they were looking for nothing but, the accuracy of strict identifying and profiling of the target market. The target market included more of technical industries with most decision makers.

They needed to shake up their marketing strategy with of course quality leads. Instead of traditional ways to do marketing that would have been expensive and less effective, they wanted a demand generated strategy that would attract users looking for AI machine learning to actively find Kadenze. It is a challenge itself to do outbound marketing in a targeted way as compared to email blasting people one thinks would be interested.

Client’s Goal

With a niche segment in mind, the company aimed to reach who have interest in AI machine learning and in deep learning. Also, they wanted to ensure 50 percent of qualified leads who know about the platform and the services being offered by them.

Our Strategies

The first phase was all about an extensive research for key insights of the specific market and the consumer’s behavior that treated this specific requirement. Our research helped in combing through the vast contact lists to come down to a relatively small one with potential leads.

Then, our team reached out to the influencers, recommenders and decision makers to build a huge prospect list. This was done through asking the prospect to mention their requirements through various online tools.

Finally, with 3 A/B testing, it was easy to see which template drives the efficient result.


  • 2000 prospective clients outreach
  • Open rate 60-70%
  • 15 hot leads every month
  • 80% MQLs

These strategies helped the company with an effective outbound marketing to get prospective leads with an open rate of 60-70%. 15 hot leads were generated every month with 80% MQLs.  Now, the team at Kadenze can be sure that the leads they are bringing in are qualified without unnecessary spending and wasted time.

Quote From Jordan Hochenbaum, Co-Founder, Kadenze, Inc.