Make That First Sales Meeting Count

Make That First Sales Meeting Count

It’s really tough getting that first sales meeting with a new client. All that work in sales prospecting and lead generation has finally paid off and you finally get to meet the client in person, so what is the best way to handle that meeting? The truth is most salespeople don’t do a great job of optimising first meetings. At Market Joy, we want you to convert as many of those crucial leads as possible so you have a chance to shine.

Research the company and the market

Firstly it’s flattering to demonstrate that you have researched your customer and their company. It’s important to make sure you don’t make silly mistakes because of your ignorance. You should also research your customer’s market. Make sure you know who the main competitors are, what the key trends in the market are and how they might impact the customer’s business. Maybe your marketing team can help with this?

Perhaps you have worked with a competitor? Don’t tell the prospect about them; if you betray business confidence you won’t be trusted. But you can use the knowledge you have gained working with the competitor to inform your conversation with the prospect.

Ask smart questions

Don’t make out that you know everything about the customer or his or her market based on a bit of research. Instead, use your research to ask intelligent questions in the meeting. Based on your knowledge of the client and the market you should be able to pose questions that show you have some understanding of their business. The answers will give you more vital information about the real needs your customer wants to satisfy.

Listen carefully. Too many salespeople just want to talk, but the most successful salespeople are good at listening. The more the customer talks, the more they reveal about their business, their market, and their needs.

Align your solution with their needs

Your questions should have given you real insights into the true needs of the customer and their business. At this point, you can present your solution. But not as a simple product or service, instead of one that directly addresses their needs.

Conduct your meeting this way and you will get a far better return on your investment in marketing, prospecting and lead generation. If you would like any help, please contact Market Joy today.
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