3 Fatal LinkedIn Prospecting Errors and How to Avoid Them

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Secrets All the Best Prospectors Know

LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media platforms at generating new business prospects, acting like a little black book for potential customers you previously had no chance of connecting with.

Understanding the secrets behind LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator can help you to increase the number of prospects you generate from the platform. Below we’ve listed out some top tips to help you maximize the features of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator to gain instant insights into the activity of your prospects so that you can invest your time into a more lucrative contract with them.


Using sales navigator allows you to message up to 30 potential customers on LinkedIn with affecting your InMail quota. One way to increase the number of people you’re able to contact is by targeting users with an ‘open’ profiles who won’t affect your InMail quota at all. To determine whether a person’s profile is open, look for the grey square with a colored, dotted circle. Generally, people with ‘open’ profiles are also more willing to discuss opportunities once contacted.

Use Teamlink

Teamlink is a feature that allows you to connect with people who have the criteria you’re looking for, but who also have a connection to you, whether it’s first or second degree. You must have a license to use Teamlink, but utilizing the connections the rest of your network already has is a great way to expand the pool of people you can contact.

Save searches

It might be that at the time you’re searching, no one in your network has a connection with the potential customer you’re trying to connect with. This could change over time though, as other members of your team are connecting with new prospects every day. To save the arduous task of rerunning the same search every week, Sales Navigator gives you the option of saving searches, so that as your connections grow their networks, new prospects are added to your list! First, you need to define your search criteria to ensure the people you’re connecting with are the most relevant to the product or service you are selling. Once you have done this, under the section titled leads, you need to click ‘save search’ to ensure the people you’re trying to connect with are saved as soon as they link in with someone in your network.

There’s an app for that

Many salespeople find themselves regularly out on the road or away from their desks, which can mean connecting to potential new customers is a challenge. By downloading the Sales Navigator app, you will gain real-time access to updates from your connections, including updates they’ve shared, press coverage they or their business has achieved and any posts they have written. By utilizing the app, you will be able to react instantly to new opportunities that arise through your network, ensuring your quick reaction times lead to increased conversion rates. The app also offers you the opportunity to save leads and accounts straight away, which can be hugely beneficial to field sales reps who spend a lot of time out and about meeting new connections. It also allows you to send InMail messages on the go, meaning you can follow up potential leads straight after an event or meeting, which can so often be the difference between winning and losing a deal.

Prioritize your profile

Sales Navigator and Premium accounts have the larger profile and cover photos, meaning they are more recognizable to a new prospect. It also means that in search results, your details will be highlighted more visibly to any prospects who might be searching criteria which fit your profile.

Get specific

Sales Navigator’s advanced filters allow you to focus on specific types of prospects so that you can define a precise group of people you’re interested in connecting with. Some of the specific filters you can choose from including the company type; years in current position; any groups the person is a member of; the number of years the person has been since at their current company; their seniority level and their years of experience.

Build rapport

It’s an agreed fact that people buy from people, so building a strong rapport with new prospects is a key way you can convert potential new customers into buyers. One of Sales Navigator’s most unique features is the ‘shared experience’ filter it allows you to search on, helping you to find common ground with the prospects you’re targeting. For example, you could search for the fact you’ve worked in London, or have a shared interest in a certain sport. Contacting your new prospect with this ‘shared experience’ information is a great way to open up a conversation, without approaching the conversation with a sales focus.

Unlock profiles

Sales Navigator allows you to ‘unlock’ up to 25 profiles per month of people outside of your network so that you can see their full profile. If you have set up Teamlink this also means everyone else on your team can see the person’s profile. Depending on the number of people in your team, this could amount to access to a large number of new prospect profiles in a short space of time. To unlock people’s profiles, you need to access the blue ‘unlock’ button in the top right corner or a prospect’s profile.

There are so many benefits of investing in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, especially if you are able to link your system up to the Teamlink features working with your colleagues to maximize results.