Why Keeping Your Leads Wide Awake and Well Organized Pays Off

In b2b marketing, generating appropriate sales leads is vitally important – in fact, it’s the lifeblood of any business operating in that arena.

Because of this, many b2b companies focus on the lead generation like there’s no tomorrow in the belief that the future prosperity of their business is directly related to the number of leads they are able to accumulate – and to an extent, that is correct.

A tin of dead bait does little to keep the fish interested

The number of systems and tactics now being used to build lists of leads increases almost by the day and finding the most appropriate and effective method to gather these prospects has become a specialized art in itself.

But what we do with these leads once we have them and how we nurture them into customers and clients is not always given the attention it deserves.

Keeping leads alive and interested in what we have to offer depends on keeping the bait used to initially attract them alive also. This means developing and expanding on the information that was offered and upping the tempo on ways our prospects can interact with us.

Would you like to dance?

The rituals of social intercourse run through every avenue of life whether it’s wanting to become better acquainted with someone on the dance floor, or getting a deeper insight into a company you are considering doing business with.

Offering ways for your leads to get to know you better is the perfect next step to making them more enthusiastic about you. So anything you can provide that goes beyond variations on a sales message theme, is going to help you develop a closer relationship with them.

Interaction is the key

Back before the days of online marketing, interaction encompassed little more than what you could stuff in an envelope, or write on a coupon. Now we are spoiled for choice with the range of options available. Here are just two examples.

Downloadable information PDFs and white papers can now be turned into video presentations armed with ways for the viewer to access further information through interactions embedded in the video itself.

Live chat is becoming an increasingly popular way to make person-to-person contact through a company website and these facilities have become easier than ever to set up.

Keeping leads organized

Finally, keeping track of when and where a lead has followed up and taken the next step is no mean feat with so many twists and turns in the modern-day sales funnel. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use one of the many tried and tested CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to build and monitor your client database, running from initial contact to repeat business.

All in all, the technology is there to be used to keep your leads alive and it takes less time than you may imagine to find out how. Contact us today to learn more.