How to Increase The Number of Leads from Your Digital Channels

How to Increase The Number of Leads from Your Digital Channels

Digital marketing offers a range of fantastic platforms for brands and businesses to connect with their customers. Whether you’re working in a B2B or B2C market, utilizing your digital channels effectively can increase the number of leads you generate and ultimately the sales opportunities you have.

Email marketing

Using email marketing analytics tools is a great way to generate leads from your campaigns. Analytics tools can tell you who’s opened your email, who’s clicked through your email, where their click took them (let’s say your website) and what activity they undertook after opening your email. Bounced emails are also a great tool for generating leads, you can find information out, such as people moving on from their role and often people will include a colleague or line manager to contact in their absence, which could be a new contact for you.

Call to action

Within all of your online posts, be sure to highlight your call to action, use contrasting colors to the rest of the post to draw the eye and encourage conversions. Also, this may seem like a simple point – but always include a link in your call to action. Making it as easy as possible for the reader to take the action you want them to is a sure-fire way to increase your lead generation.

Emphasise the benefits

Once you have your website, blog or social media post ready to send – ask someone in the business who works outside of your department to read it and tell you what they think is being offered. It is easy to get carried away putting together a highly creative post – but if what you’re saying doesn’t explain what the customer will get in return from engaging with your post – they may not bother.

Improving the look and usability of your digital channels can help to increase the number of leads you generate from your online channels. Once you have a steady influx of leads coming into your business you need to have a plan in place to structure how you respond to the leads. Use all the valuable information your online channels can give you: which channel the customer engaged on, which piece(s) of content they read, how they engaged with your business – by opening an email, or on social media for example. Be sure to record all of this information to make your opening conversation with the customer as relevant and the sales process as informed as possible.