Incorporating Email Marketing into Your Marketing Mix

Incorporating Email Marketing into Your Marketing Mix

There are many ways to promote a business, both offline and online. Search engine optimization and social media marketing may gain a lot of the headlines, but outbound marketing techniques like email marketing have very definite benefits for businesses, especially if you are looking to build a list of qualified, aware and active leads.

Email marketing does require a lot of data analysis, campaign optimization, monitoring, and content production. As such, it requires a very specific skill set.

Incorporating outbound marketing into existing marketing efforts

Email marketing shouldn’t be viewed as a solitary marketing technique. It can be incorporated into your existing marketing mix. Landing pages need to be created and optimized, and an email marketing campaign can use content from your website, your blog, and your social media accounts. Even if you don’t immediately make a sale, you can increase brand exposure, and increase the likelihood of making a sale in the future.

Brand exposure

It can take around 7 pieces of communication, on average, before a lead converts. This means that your first email to a potential client is unlikely to yield a sale. It allows you to set the scene, and if you provide high-quality content, your recipients could become your greatest ambassadors. They will forward your email to friends and colleagues, advise them to sign up, and inflate the size of your outbound marketing list for you.

Lead generation using email marketing

Because email marketing requires the collection and use of personal data, it means that there are data protection and anti-spam laws that must be followed. If you fail to follow appropriate regulations, you could get fined and action could be taken against your business. MarketJoy not only knows how to manage successful outbound marketing campaigns, but we stake our reputation on your reputation. We follow regulations and best practices that have been developed in order to prevent spam and to ensure that data is collected and used appropriately. Increase your lead pipeline without damaging your reputation.

Using a service like MarketJoy enables you to enjoy the benefits of email marketing, and draw targeted leads that your sales team can then convert into clients and customers. For more information, contact us today.