Why an email list could be the most valuable asset to your business

Why an Email List Could be the Most Valuable Asset to Your Business

At the start of the 21st century, building an email subscriber list was seen as the way forward for any business and was an effective way of generating more sales. But over time, email marketing has become more commonplace and business owners naturally assume it is ineffective and that their readers know all the “tricks” of email marketing and it is now redundant. But many argue that’s not the case and that for many businesses it is actually one of the most valuable marketing tools you can use if done correctly. Here are four reasons why building an email list is still invaluable to your business.

Sell multiple products

The end goal for any business of getting a visitor to your site is to convert them into a sale. Having someone purchase a product from your site shows that they have taken a great deal of interest and most importantly have shown trust in you and your site. So why should you then just say goodbye to them? By adding them to an email list, you have the ability to pitch them with future useful products and best of all they have already demonstrated that they trust you and are willing to buy.

Immediately generate more hits to your site once something new is released

Say you have just launched a new piece of content on your site. You’ve spent hours researching it and optimizing it and you hope people will love it so you hit publish and wait for Google to start sending you thousands of organic visitors. The problem is, it’s not that simple. Building interest in a post takes time if you don’t promote it, but having a large and interested email list is the perfect way to immediately attract lots of interested people who can then share it on social media and recommend it to friends. Better yet, in Google’s eyes, there has been an immediate high level of interest in this new post which will hopefully help boost your rankings.

Customer feedback

If you build an effective email marketing campaign, then you are able to start building a relationship with your email subscribers. By genuinely caring about them and only sharing useful messages instead of spamming them with products to buy, then you suddenly have access to a large number of people who do care and who can give you genuine feedback. If you are thinking hard about which new product to launch then you can quickly get feedback from hundreds if not thousands of people by sending them a message and seeing what they want.

Not affected by Google

Sudden changes to Google’s algorithms brings dread to the hearts of many a seasoned website owner. All of a sudden these shifts have the ability to destroy your rankings and diminish your organic traffic. But by having an email list, you have immediate access to a big customer base who you can hopefully rely on to get back to your site and boost your traffic.

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