How to create a focused and structured teleprospecting team

How to Create a Focused and Structured Teleprospecting Team

Effective prospecting is about so much more than a winning script that engages your target customers. Today businesses which recognize the importance of teleprospecting are looking to restructure their organization, placing teleprospecting teams at the center of their business plans. In order to do that, it’s essential that the team is both structured and focused, but is that really achievable?

How to Create a Structured Teleprospecting Team

A Permanent Home

A common problem with teleprospecting is that many companies mismanage it. This tends to come from a lack of understanding and results in teleprospecting being traded between marketing and sales. For such an important part of the sales process, it’s highly important that prospecting gets the attention it deserves and the only way to do that is with a permanent home. By housing a teleprospecting team permanently within marketing, you can create a tightly knit team that is able to function as a unit and respond to problems quickly.

The Right Support

It should come as no surprise that prospecting is a diverse skill that requires more than just a telephone. Today there are plenty of tools that can help make a prospecting team more successful. Whether it’s prospect research tools or simply more information at their fingertips, team members are going to be more successful and focused if they have the support they need. Proper communication tools enable reps to engage with prospects before they even pick up the phone, and with plenty of analytics now available, management can track activity which can foster proper training and mentoring.

Rep Development

Quite often a teleprospecting team will fall flat because the company offers very little opportunity for advancement. The creation of roles such as team leaders and trainers can help alleviate that and lead to a more motivated team. Team leaders and trainers can also structure the team and provide ongoing support to ensure all reps are constantly improving their research and selling skills. Not only will this better prepare the team for any challenges they may face, but it will also create a solid working environment, meaning the most skilled reps will be motivated to stay.

In order to create a teleprospecting team that gets results, it’s important to have the right tools at your disposal. Contact us today about how our offerings of everything from market research to prospect list data and plenty more can help take your teleprospecting to the next level.