How to Break Into Sales and Find The Right Sales Job for You

How to Break Into Sales and Find The Right Sales Job for You

Everyone has a dream job in mind when they start off, but sometimes getting a foot in the door of your preferred profession is easier said than done. If you really want to break into working in sales, but don’t have any experience you can consider some of the following tips:

Tips for Finding a Job in Sales

Persistence is a key attribute for any sales rep, so your top tip for landing the perfect sales job is to keep plugging away at applications. If you can manage to obtain the contact details for the hiring sales manager for your dream role, then don’t hesitate to follow up your application with a phone call or email to act as a further sales pitch for your application.

When you do land an interview, ensure you’re fully prepared and conduct a good deal of research on the company. The interview is your chance to shine and show potential employers just how great you’ll be at working within a sales environment, so take time to review the business website and look at the company’s accounts and reports.

Getting any job in sales without experience will be hard work, but selling is also a difficult job and that’s the reason top sales reps make good money. You will need ambition and determination to succeed in sales and finding the best type of sales job to suit you can be difficult.

Finding The Right Sales Job

There are really only two types of sales jobs, these are sales jobs where you will build up a client base from a zero situation, or sales jobs where you will be servicing the needs of existing clients and building the business relationship up further. These two different sales jobs require varying skills sets.

If you are employed to build up a client base from a ground base of zero, you’re more likely to be an external sales rep and will call on potential clients in their own workplace. Where you are working as a sales rep and servicing an existing client base, it’s more likely your clients will come to you.

The salary rates for different sales jobs can vary, too. You might be employed on a commission only basis, which will only pay you when you achieve a sale. Commission only sales jobs generally offer a high commission rate, up to about 30% on sales, so it’s quite possible to make a really good income in this type of role if you’re good at your sales job. Sales jobs offering a basic rate plus commission will provide you with a guaranteed income, plus commissions of around 5% on sales.

Making the decision to take a commission only sales job can be risky, but it may also prove extremely rewarding for successful sales reps.