Asset Vue Gets 80 Hot Leads and Counting with MarketJoy

At MarketJoy, we adhere to the unique challenges that software companies face while matching target customers’ pain points with their highly technical key features and consistently deliver qualified leads and appointments that convert. In the end, everything comes down to lead generation.

With this very understanding, we always serve our clients with 100% commitment and dedication. The real-time data research, reaching out to the right contacts, timely follow-ups, and increased conversion rate impressed Asset Vue to work with us. We help Asset Vue which is a Pennsylvania-based ITAM (IT Asset Management) service, provider. This demonstrates how the team tested and measured activity from marketing strategies. The results included 80 hot leads in the pipeline from outbound marketing.

Client’s Challenge

The IT Asset Management Company did not want to adopt a typical demand generation strategy as they were very clear about their target and goals. They also wanted to ensure the efforts go in the right way to the right audience and convert them into leads. Also, with a small internal sales team and very much targeted prospects in a tough industry, they wanted to grow their sales pipeline significantly in the coming years. The desire to connect with the prospective customers and create engagement with the brand came with some of these challenges.

  • Want to target IT professionals of the high tech industry.
  • Getting through the customers came as another huge challenge for them.
  • Inside sales team was tied up with other work that prevented them to follow up with prospects.
  • Their previous vendor failed to deliver the commitment given by them.

While it is seen that tech companies are often more collaborative than other industries, it’s not uncommon for sales and marketing teams to segregate themselves. Unfortunately, this follows with poor communication and misunderstanding over what qualifies as a good lead. Chances could be that they are not getting their types of leads because they are just not giving the message in the right place at the right time and in front of the right people.

Client’s Goal

Getting in front of the target audience and marketing to the decision makers is the key to achieving the goal of lead generation. Reaching the target audience, timely follow up, quality lead generation and appointment setting with the decision makers of the high tech industry, they wanted to get back in the game.

For this, they wanted to have an effective lead generation strategy right beside them as not all lead generation conversion optimization best practices lead to positive outcomes for everyone all the time.

MarketJoy’s Approach

MarketJoy understands that if one doesn’t have the time and staff to dedicate to lead generation, chances are they could lose out on many quality leads.

In this case, it was vital that one acts professionally and not pushy. The company lacked clarity and direction when it came to effective lead generation. They knew they needed to rely on their website more, but didn’t know how to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. As we came into the picture, we started by gathering information on the company’s marketing and sales goals, key buyer personas, current marketing tactics, and existing email templates.



It is crucial to measure all aspects of the funnel. Building a proven system of generating, nurturing, and qualifying the leads is important before passing on the leads and giving them the possession. Also, we took care of the email strategy as an essential part of generating and nurturing leads in the outbound marketing strategy.

So, we started with

  • Preparing an extensive outbound marketing strategy with our data experts and sales development team within 2 weeks.
  • Real-time data research involved identifying ways to target and attract their key buyer personas.
  • We also reached out 2500 contacts/month
  • 3 a/b testing for efficient, high-impact results and the right leads

To improve the process and ensure teams function in unison, we made sure the sales and marketing departments are well-versed with buyer’s persona and behavior.


With the success of our outbound marketing strategy, Asset Vue is now ready to roll out similar efforts for proceeding ahead in the areas of expansion.

  • Avg. 10 leads/month
  • 30% open rate
  • 80 hot leads in the pipeline

Now they call us as their lead generation partner.

All in all, with more sophisticated data acquisition and analysis identifying patterns in lead generation, will become easier. The more effort goes into revisiting the strategies, the more likely one is to find the ultimate formula for a record-breaking growth.

Quote from Sean Cotter, President, Asset Vue