10 Reasons to Outsource Your Lead Generation

10 Reasons to Outsource Your Lead Generation

Many companies have heard of lead generation services, but they’re not sure what they are or how they can benefit their business.

B2B lead generation as a service is the provision of lead generation services by an expert who specializes in lead generation sales and marketing activities.

Outsourcing B2B lead generation can save businesses time on a variety of sales-related activities.

When you outsource, a team of professionals works on your behalf to prospect, identify the most qualified leads, nurture those leads, and schedule appointments.

This will not only save you time, but it will also increase your sales.

There are numerous benefits to outsource a lead generation team, from cost savings to more time for your business. Lead generation outsourcing is also 43% more efficient than generating leads in-house.

Instead of worrying about generating leads, you can focus on closing sales because lead generation companies have more expertise.

Here are 10 of the most compelling reasons to outsource lead generation.


1. You will talk to those who matter

One of the most significant problems that many businesses face when implementing an in-house outreach program is a lack of resources.

Outsourced lead generation can help you figure out who you’re talking to and what their needs are, making them more likely to buy from your business.

Good lead generation entails speaking to the right people at the right time. This is dependent on having the right contacts and data (resources) that enable an outsourced lead generation company to speak to the right people.

2. You will save money

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for hiring a sales development representative is $68,262.00 per year. This equates to a monthly payment of $5,688.00.

You may also be required to pay bonuses and benefit costs such as medical and training costs.

Other expenses you may incur when hiring an SDR include:

  • Data costs
  • Training costs
  • Employer taxes
  • Human resources 
  • Software licenses
  • Management and admin costs


Outsourcing lead generation services is 63% less expensive than hiring someone in-house.

This is a great infographic from Sales Hacker that shows the true cost of hiring an SDR in-house. As you can see, you could end up paying someone $150k per year.

3. You won’t need to worry about training someone new

It takes time to train someone in-house. Most trainees require at least three months to find their footing. In some cases, it may take even longer for your trainee to truly develop the skills required for success in your business.

By outsourcing a professional prospecting team, you won’t have to waste time training someone new.

Every day, professional lead generation teams are tasked with generating new leads. This ensures that they understand exactly what they are doing and can concentrate solely on your company.

They can jump on board and get you the leads you need right away. This means you will have more time to close more deals.

4. Outsourcing lead generation equals more flexibility 

If your company is rapidly expanding, outsourcing gives you the freedom to select the size of your team. If your business is quiet, you can reduce your outsourcing requirements.

By being open about your company’s needs, the lead generation service you choose will be able to adapt as your business changes.

Whether you need to hire a larger lead generation team or scale down to a smaller one, we can help.

5. Close deals faster

When you hire a lead generation agency, you are hiring a team of experts in their field. This inevitably means that your lead count will rise.

When you hire a done-for-you lead generation service, you are allowing your business to thrive right away.

The best part is that these leads are verified before being forwarded to the sales department. So there is no wasting of time, only genuine and nurtured prospects that will lead to sales.

6. It allows you to concentrate on the tasks that need to be completed in-house

Outsourcing your lead generation can allow you to refocus your in-house resources on the activities that make you profitable without sacrificing quality.

It allows you to focus on growing your business rather than finding new customers.

When you know your company is in good hands, you have more time to focus on the aspects of your business that you enjoy.

You don’t need to micromanage an in-house lead generation team; instead, sit back, relax, and let the done-for-you lead generation service bring in the deals.

7. You can better evaluate your results

When you hire a professional team of sales development representatives, you are also hiring a team that understands data management.

They may provide additional services that your company would benefit from. They could generate new client lists or clean up your current database.

If you need to know your company’s conversion rate, an outsourced company can help you with that. Did you know that 25% of marketers don’t know what their conversion rates are?

You will be able to create a successful marketing strategy if you know and understand your conversion rates.

8. Using top tools to build lists

Once your partner understands the criteria that qualify a prospect as a qualified lead for your company, they will begin building a list.

B2B lead generation agencies use industry-leading tools to find hundreds of prospects in your market so you can win more business.

9. It’s a cost-effective way of winning more leads for your business

There are many advantages of working with a company that specializes in sales.

They not only have hiring practices in place to bring on the best employees for the job but their entire business is based on hiring and training salespeople.

Every business has visible costs – if a company has an office, people know it has to be paid for, and if it has employees, outsiders know they are paid.

However, many costs are hidden from public views, such as insurance, training, sick days, and software.

Outsourcing your B2B lead generation allows you to eliminate some of these costs, making it a more cost-effective way to earn money.

10. Quick growth

One of the most important reasons to outsource lead generation is to ensure your company’s rapid growth.

The metrics demonstrate that using the right lead generation strategy will result in high-quality leads.

All you have to do with a specialized team behind you is waiting for new business to come in and close those sales.

The Takeaway

So, whether you decide to outsource lead generation in 2022 is entirely up to you.

Nonetheless, the facts show that doing so (even if only initially) for your business will be the best way forward in terms of generating genuine leads that convert to sales.

Contact us today for a consultation; we’d love to help your company achieve its goals with marketing strategies that work and produce results.