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10 Reasons to Outsource Your Lead Generation

If, your first move is to focus on the basics of your business be it a startup or you have excelled in your business everything comes down to getting acquiring leads. With whatever products or services you’re offering and have deployed your most valuable resources on the same, the next step is always going to move in the direction of finding the prospective clients.

Lead generation software are automated and save lots of time by reducing manual work, but the accuracy of ready to buy leads is very low. It increases the learning curve from determining target audience to identifying the appropriate messaging for those targets in the perfect sequence for optimal conversions. Only about 5% of marketers make use of a full-featured marketing automation solution for lead generation as per the estimation of Jeff Ernst of Forrester Research, Inc. So, it is highly recommended by the industry leaders to take help from the genuine B2B lead generation companies.

In the end, human intelligence wins!

In order to come up with a highly scalable business model, it is advised to outsource lead generation as the lead generation companies do what they are assigned for i.e. to generate SQL (Sales Qualified Leads). The team does not go around trying their luck with every other aspect from the start to an end of the lead generation cycle. This, in return, saves a lot of time of your sales reps and they are able to devote their skills in converting those qualified leads into customers.

By leveraging outsourced lead generation processes that are already optimized, you have got different resources for all skill sets that are required and your company can really drive greater efficiency from your own sales team.

The inherent idea is to hand over the all the market research, contact database development, and run lead generation campaigns to b2b lead generation companies, while you can invest your time in doing what you do the best – make your products/services better, speaking to your customers, adding value in the conversations, and closing deals.

The benefits of outsourced lead generation come in a package. Lead generation is not like any other sales process but a combination of arts and science that some companies specialize primarily in just that phase of the sales cycle. We have sure found out some of the major reasons, why you should consider outsourced lead generation services to increase your sales velocity and to match with your business goals.

10 Reasons to Hire Lead Generation Outsourcing Companies

  1. Improve Time Efficiency: Eliminate the non-sales time by taking the burden of prospecting (calling, emailing, messaging etc.) away from your inside sales team and let them focus on closing more business. As 63% of marketers struggle with quality leads, outsourced lead generation services can do the heavy lifting on the front end.
  2. Cost Effective: The best part about outsourcing your B2B lead generation is that you can cost-effectively increase your team by paying for results, rather than the time and efforts invested in training. This is a great advantage over hiring an in-house team in which the management only is responsible for the results and expenses are the same irrespective of the results.
  3. Generate Sales Ready Leads: Add other data resources and mining to expand your current marketing database as the SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) are learned and well-resourced to bring out the best results for your business and make sure that your leads convert into clients.
  4. Empower Your Sales Team: You can feed leads to your struggling sales team and that will save you time as your sales professionals will not have to sit around searching for prospects. Sales reps spend approximately 20 percent of their time generating sales leads, According to CSO Insights, which is definitively a waste of sales person’s real skills and valuable time.
  5. Get Time for Effective Marketing Campaign: Test marketing campaigns on the side without distracting from your main outreach efforts. Lead generation companies have enough expertise to start gaining momentum and insightful information the moment they start a campaign. This is helpful especially if you want to take control of your sales strategy in the days to come.
  6. Expand Your Horizon: As your sales team can save ample time without banging their heads for lead generation, you can open new markets or push new products without distracting from main revenue generation activities. It will add extra revenue to your business from your regular revenue.
  7. Get Real-Time Data: Strengthen your existing market data with new contact information and updated dispositions. Startups that have been operating for a while, sometimes feel they have reached every prospective client several times and followed up with old contacts again and again so, there is always a need to shuffle and add some new. Lead generation companies always update their data in real time. So you can leverage their data to get the optimum result.
  8. Beyond ABC (Always Be Closing): Conduct additional sales activities like event promotion and event follow-up without taking your main sales team off topic as they will concentrate on expanding their horizon rather than staying with the ABC of sales.
  9. Get Time for Market Research: Conduct ancillary services like market research, competitive research, customer surveys, etc. to strengthen your market awareness. If your in-house team is doing lead generation activities that comprise many moving parts including identifying markets, Database & process management, Data analysis, and Content creation, they hardly get time to do a research on the market for enhancing your product features and make it better.
  10. Reduce Extra Headcount Cost: Engage a cost-effective sales resource that can be refocused every quarter to new tasks as it saves time that gets into hiring and training of resources. You do not have to worry about hiring managers, telecallers, and salespersons on your own. This way you can engage in different sales activities in every few months.

Additionally, it’s definitely required to make the lead generation company fully aware of all the features and aspects of the products, or the whole idea will lead to nothing but failures.

Lead generation is certainly a practice that one should leave to the experts. You can allow the sales team to focus on the remainder of the sales process and that will lead to more deals signed, closed and repeat. The success of your lead generation campaign depends mostly on your approach. As different businesses have different needs, there is really no sure-fire way that can get you the results that you want. But, relying on the expertise of professionals who know what they are doing will certainly get you closer to your business goals.